Welcome to The Gold Record Store

Welcome to thegoldrecordstore.com, where gift giving is limited only to one’s imagination. Our unique product line offers you exquisite platinum, gold , silver and bronze record plaques with any engraved message and printed artwork you desire.

Need a unique gift for a special occasion? We offer a truly unique variety of personalized record awards that are suited for any occasion.

Here is what makes us different:

*  We originated the personalized gold record concept over 30 years ago

* We offer you 3 different sizes: 1) the LP (the original “long playing” album, featuring a 12’’ disc in a 16×20 frame)’ 2) the ’45 (the classic 45-rpm record featuring a 7″  disc  in a 9×12 frame), and; 3) the Mini (a compact-sized, 3” record set in a in 5×7 frame)

*  We offer you 4 different record finishes: Platinum (shiny silver), Gold, Silver (matted silver) , and Bronze

*  We created The Golden Heart Award, featuring a heart shaped record with a customizable photo-label of your choice

* We created The Baby Award, featuring baby blue or pink labels, and including the baby’s information on the label along with a picture of the baby centered on the disc

* We created The Wedding Album, featuring an LP record placed along side a printed version of your wedding invitation

* We can engrave any message on the plaque located below the record and print any art work on our record label

* All our records are glass encased in an aluminum black frame

* All our awards are matted with a black felt background that make your records sparkle

* We never charge an extra fee for a rush order

* We never charge for a logo fee

* We never limit the verbiage or printed content on our plate and labels

* We offer you to speak to us anytime toll free:  1-888-95 AWARD (29273)

* No one beats our price or our service

* We have great quantity discount pricing